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I.P. Foundry, Inc.- Disruptive Technology Creation

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  We are what Silicon Valley was meant to be — creators of things fundamentally new and enabling. You won’t find incremental or me-too “innovations” here. We are a small team of Masters and Ph.D. graduates of Stanford University and Northwestern University with more than 200 issued patents and experience across a broad range of engineering, medical device and scientific disciplines. We create disruptive, unanticipated new technologies from scratch for sale. 

Placeholder Picture Innovative wearable display that enables truly discreet, light-weight, HD AR and VR glasses (Issued Patent)
Placeholder Picture Scalable Volumetric 3D display (Issued Patent)
Placeholder Picture In-vivo defouling of medical implants and natural tissues  (Issued Patent)
Placeholder Picture Cryopreservation of whole organs (Patent Application)
Placeholder Picture Microdroplet and microbubble switching and modulation of flows, energies and potentials (Issued Patent)
Placeholder Picture
Raptor protection from wind turbines (Issued Patent)